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    May 15, 2013
    7:00 - 9:01am PDT  

>> reporter: we're live in redwood city where the fire department continues to battle an apartment fire from early this morning. we'll bring you the very latest information. there's big trouble on caltrain this morning because of a fatal train accident in san bruno. we'll tell you how long the system is delayed. new video, new pictures and new information about a missing 9-year-old girl from san francisco. what her teachers want searchers to know. a story we've been on since
4:30. south bay fire crews race to the campus of the latest defense contractor lockheed martin. "mornings on 2" starts now. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori campbell. it's wednesday, may 15th. developing news in redwood city where two people were hurt in an apartment fire. it's happening on oakside avenue across the street from fair oaks elementary. ktvu's brian flores is there live with where the fire started and how firefighters are knocking it down right now. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning, tori. we're on second avenue very near oakside and fair oaks. we're actually in the backyard of a family pretty close to the fire. take a look. as you can see, redwood city fire department battling this fire pretty aggressively. let's take a better view of the
fire. i'm with my photographer, paul. he's gonna walk to the back. this is probably the best view that you will probably see. it started at 5:15 this morning. crews aggressively attacking it, battling the smoke still popping up here. let's go to video from chopper 2. you can see a lot of flames coming from this five to seven- unit apartment complex. i just got off the phone with the redwood city fire chief, who said it started at 5:15 at this nearby apartment complex and quickly spread to the second floor. he says there's been at least two minor injuries. one injury, minor burns to one person. the other injury, not serious at all. it was actually treated at the scene. but again, two minor injuries from this morning. we talked with neighbors, the person that lives in this
houshe says hat least three or four-like explosion -- explosion-like sounds from the apartment fire. >> the orange was reflecting through my bedroom window. i started hearing like explosions and ran out and i saw a bunch of smoke and fire everywhere. >> reporter: now, streets around the area are also affected. we're near fair oaks elementary. if you do go to that school, you might want to double check the status of the roads near the area. as we take it back out here live, chopper 2 is above. the fire crews are aggressively attacking this fire from several angles. if we go back to paul's shot, you can see fire crews are also here. this apartment fire started in the carport area. you can see a lot of damage from the carport area. you can see it quickly spread to the upstairs. everyone in the apartment
complex was evacuated. but two minor injuries from this morning. pretty intense fire in redwood city. they will be here for the next several hours. we'll bring you the very latest as the morning progresses. for now i'm brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:03. new information about a missing autistic girl from san francisco. she disappeared in clearlake on mother's day. a search will resume in a few hours. now we're hearing from one of her teachers. claudine wong is here to show us never-before-seen images. claudine? >> we have new video of 9-year- old mikaela and we have new information from her that we got. they want people to get to know her in the hopes that it will help people find her. this is home video of mikaela we just got overnight. her teachers say there are a
couple of important things to notice when you watch the video, she does make sounds. the 9-year-old is autistic and described as nonverbal. she likes to sing. you can see her waving her hands there. that's her telling people she wants to play. it's all information for searchers looking for her right now. >> instead of just shouting mikaela! more of a mikaela. >> these are new pictures of mikaela. her teachers describe her as a little girl who has a lot in common with other kids, she loves graham crackers, horses and spongebob. she may be drawn to someone on a horse. >> we want everybody to know that mikaela is very strong. she's active and she has a lot of endurance. she needs to stay strong and to keep searching and -- we really
need people to keep coming out and looking and go back over places that you've already been. she's quite possibly still moving around. >> again, the search effort is ongoing. she was in san francisco. she was at her family's home in clearlake. she was reported missing at 1:30. was spotted on surveillance camera. we talked with calfire, left messages with clearlake police, hoping to talk to them next hour. we'll update you. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. in san jose, a brush fire damaged six cars. now, fire crews rushed to a fire in the santana row parking lot. this was yesterday morning. a worker from the san jose water company was about to use a blow torch on some pipes accidentally set omnearby bushes on fire. six of the vehicles in that parking lot were damaged near olson drive. those flames were quickly r cor
y, nilody was hurt. 7:06. new this morning, a new sex scandal has rocked the u.s. army. a solar in charge of prevent -- soldier in charge of preventing sexual assault in fort hood is now under investigation for sexual misconduct. the pentagon is looking into allegations that the sergeant forced one subordinate into prostitution and sexually assaulted two others at the army base in texas. there may soon be other charges. the unnamed soldier has been relieved of his duties but so far there have been no formal charges. attorney general eric holder is defending the department of justice's secret examination of the a.p.'s phone records, saying it in response to a dangerous national security leak. the ceo of the a.p. disputes that and says "we believe it's relating to the ap may 2012 reporting that the u.s. government had foiled a
plot to put a bomb on an ailer. we held that story until we were assured that the national security threat was passed. and coming up at 7:15, the tough questioning from republicans. a lot to talk about in the morning commute. sal, the caltrain story is a big one. >> it sure is. we have the caltrain fatality. it happened in the 6:00 hour, actually in the 5:30 hour this morning -- 5:00 hour this morning. we have video as newschopper2 is taking these pictures. the trains are single tracking through the scene. it's not actually 101. i wanted to say 101 but it's the caltrain right-of-way in san bruno. they have been removed the body there doing the investigation. major delays. there's train number 101 that struck and killed the pedestrian. the people on the train have been transferred to another train but the investigation continues. trains are moving but they are
singing tracking and that's causing major delays. bay bridge toll plaza is filled in after an earlier crash at the maze. we had people being held up at 580. it's clear. traffic is very slow, 25 to 30- minute delay at the toll plaza. 580 westbound has been slow. it looks okay into the castro valley. 880 hayward, 288 down to fremont, moderately heavy traffic. no trouble on the san mateo or dumbarton bridge. in the santa clara valley, 101 is backed up from the hellyer ramp to 880. let's go to steve. a very chilly morning. a lot of upper 40s. i had an e-mail from graydon, 33 degrees. a few high clouds. patchy low clouds. a lot of 40s on the coast. temperatures yesterday started to head down except sonoma county airport which picked up a north wind for about an hour and a half.
that will not be the case today. a lot of 70s. even livermore from 78 to 75. san jose, 77, 74, 73 in kentfield. the temperature trend will be down, down, down. mostly sunny, cooler pattern. windy at times. i mean, it doesn't matter. i mean, coast, higher elevations. i've seen gusts to 25, 35 miles an hour. today. cooler, much, much cooler -- today, cooler, much, much cooler. there will be drizzle tomorrow. see if we get any rain. the system is approaching. for may it's looking pretty good. it will give us a lot of cloud cover. we'll see if it gives us any rain. there's lot of breaks on thatter. 45 novato, 46 santa rosa, low 50s. i mean, a couple of upper 40s in san francisco down to capitola at 48. some areas have the fog. some are clear, cool and breezy. it's a little chill in the morning air. west wind in place for most, oakland 14 miles an hour. neraity a westerly gusts to 30.
breeze in place for most. san jose is kind of early but that will turn more northwesterly or westerly. 48 in tahoe. 52 ukiah. 48 cue ria. we're waiting for the -- eureka. we're waiting for the cloud cover and we'll get cooler temperatures. the higher clouds already inching into the north bay. mostly sunny, combination of low clouds. partly cloudy at times. but the wind picks up and -- picks up and a cooling pattern continues. i think tomorrow, that will be it for the 80s until maybe sunday. mostly cloudy, drizzle yes, maybe to the north. saturday looks good. saturday morning will be cool and then warmer on sunday. uc berkeley has a new top grad and he's only 18 years old. university medal was awarded to the most-accomplished senior who has to have a minimum
g.p.a. of 3.96. the "chronicle" says this man beat out almost 8,800 students. he's originally from india. he has a double major in bioengineering and chemical engineering. he's graduating with a 3.99 g.p.a. and did it all, tori, in three years. >> i'm sure you did the same thing. [laughter] >> yeah, right. still searching for the cause four weeks after a plant exploded in texas. the reason investigators are focusing on volunteer fire crews who responded to the disaster. dear, vice president biden, i have a great idea. >> the great idea that little boy sent to the vice president that was so impressive, joe biden sent him a reply. have a good night. here you go. you, too.
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a cooler prnis in place. it will continue to get colder the next few days. the united nations's general assembly is scheduled to vote on an arabic resolution calling for a political transition in syria. the resolution condemns the syrian government for the escalation of the use of weapons. it will pass but with less support than the previous resolution last august. eric holder will testify in less than three hours. the top issue, the irs targeting conservative groups. as kyla campbell reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are very angry.
kyla? >> reporter: dave, the irs is not supposed to so any sort of political by as. bi . political by as. everything from donor lists to facebook posts were requested. 108 applications were approved and 160 were still open. some for more than three years. nearly 30 groups withdrew their applications and some say they were fed up with the process and felt unnecessarily questioned. the irs says no one from outside the agency influenced the way it targeted the tea party and other conservative groups. but some say the irs already leveled when low-level employees were involved and higherups were not aware.
>> this is the greatest incompetence i've ever seen or the truth. telling congress >> eric holder will testify about his criminal investigation with the irs. audit when i see you next. >> thank you. 7:16. later this mornings, president obama will speak at a memorial service for law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty last year. one of them being honored kenyan youngstrum. he was the chp officer shot and killed last year during a traffic stop on 680 in alamo. earlier this week, his name was added to the memorial in washington, d.c. along with the names of 320 other officers from across the country. there's a new project to remember the sacrifices of vietnam veterans, a memorial in washington is asking for pictures of every vietnam vet killed in combat. about 58,000 americans died on
the battlefield. the memorial's objective is to put a face with every name. we've putted a news link on for anyone who wants to submit a photo of a loved one. new this morning, north korea says an american from washington state sentenced to 15 years of hard labor has started serving that sentence at a special prison. kenneth bay was working as a to he's accused of smuggling anti- government documents in north korea to feed orphans and doing other charity work. some are saying that north korea is using bay as a ploy so that a prominent american will go to north korea trying to win his release. in a couple of hours joe jdi aria -- jody airy aswill go back to a -- jodi arias will go
back to a phoenix courtroom. she was found guilty of the brutal killing of her boyfriend at his home near phoenix five years ago. 7:18. a major ruling is expected today in an infamous child nce sase. a judge will decide if the case can be brought to trial. pates, the 6-year-old vanished while walking to his manhattan school bus stop 34 years ago. a man named pedro hernandez has confessed to killing the little boy. hernandez's lawyer wants the case dismissed. he claims hernandez is mentally ill. a rape suspect in san jose is scheduled to appear in court this morning. 24-year-old ulysses rios is accused of raping one woman and trying to rape another woman. police say rios offered the women car rides and then attacked them. investigators sari crows first tried to rain -- say rios tried to rape a 51-year-old woman
she escaped. she said he spotted her days later and propositioned. her when she snapped photos of him and his license plate number, police say rios beat her. we're getting an idea of the wild moments after the fertilizer plant blew up in west texas. the volunteer firefighters reported focused on keeping toxic gases from escaping. they didn't seem to show concern for the large amount of the amown yawn nitrate to -- ammonium nitrate that blew up. officials will focus on their investigation tomorrow. 12-year-old has a sweet idea to make the country better. >> i just like so much so i made chocolate bullets.
>> well, myles nelson wrote a letter to joe biden suggesting that bullets should shoot out that are chocolate and that way no one will get killed. the vice president wrote back saying he likes the idea. myles's teacher say the boy came out with the idea -- came up with the idea. here's his teacher. >> we were eating lunch and said hhad a good idea that guns should shoot chocolate bullets. >> he was so proud of the better pack from the vice president that he gave copies of it to the school. >> if only it could be that easy. >> it's a great thought. >> it is a great thought. a scandal at one of the world's most popular amusement park. this one involves tour guides
and handicapped. good morning. highway 4 is slow. you can see it here coming out of baypoint on way to concord. it's crowelling -- crawling along. we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather. ♪
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welcome back. reports that wealthy manhattan mothers are being accused of hiring disabled tour guides in order to cut through the long lines at disney world. now, according to a social anthropologist who claims she uncovered the scheme, these mothers would hire a handicapped guide through florida's dream tours company. that guide would then take the family through the park, the amusement park, on a motorized scooter allowing them to get ahead of everybody and cut through the lines. according to the park policy, the guests who need a motorized wheelchair or scooter, they can bring up to six guests to them
to a more convenient exit. happening now, apple is approaching the 50 billionth app. this is a counter that's up on the itunes website. the person who downloads the 50 billionth app will receive a $10,000 gift app card. they are close, 49,098. the next 50 will receive $500 gift cards. that's still a lot of apps to buy. >> yes. 7:25. sal's watching our commute. you are watching the power outages and everything else -- watches the bridges. and everything else. >> all right. good morning, everybody. let's take a look at the commute now, traffic is moving
along slowly on highway 4 as you head out to the willow pass grade. there are no major problems. but it's slow. most of it is so to concord, unfortunately, it's not a great commute today. at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is backed up all the way out to the macarthur maze. there are no major problems on the bridge. it's just one of those backups. if you are in san jose, the slowest traffic i think is on 101 from about hellyer to 880. but 85 is slow from 87 to saratoga and 280 is slow up to highway 17. let's go to steve. >> hold on, sal. i'm downloading an app. i want to be that one. all right. we have a cool pattern in place. 41 miles an hour mt. diablo. not too bad at the surface. in the hills, i'm seeing 25, 30. it's a westerly breeze. 40s and 50s. we had very slow 40s. even along the coast, some patchy low clouds, a few high
clouds in advance of the system that will be here tomorrow. mostly sunny, windy at times, the cooling continues. temperatures will be in the 60s, coast and bay and mainly the 70s inland. there will be a couple of low 80s or soft 80s. but this will be it probably until sunday. even inland over the next few days. the brother of leila fowler is due to make his first court appearance this morning. the special question his lawyers may make. we're live in sunnyvale where there was a fire at lockheed martin. we just got off the phone with officials. >> reporter: we're live in san jose, where grief and sadness is has overcome a neighborhood in san jose after a little girl was hit and killed by a car. neighbors say it could have been prevented. you will sear what a city council -- here what a city council person has to say now
that this accident has happened. ♪
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grief counselors will be at two san jose schools this morning after a little girl was killed yesterday in a tragic -- tragic accident. an suv hit her as she was crossing the street at parkview elementary school. ktvu's janine de la vega is outside the school now and a memorial is growing. >> reporter: dave, this neighborhood is just overcome
with grief. we just saw two family members of 6-year-old ailleen quiroz come up to the memorial. they were hugging. it was very emotional. little ailleen was hit when she was somehow crossing the street here. it's unknown if she was crossing in the crosswalk. the school there is right across the street. that's where her sister goes to school. you are looking at a picture of police who apparently are talking to a staff member from the school. we just spoke to a city councilman who told us that he had not heard yet from the principal at this school when he had reached out several months ago asking if they needed any help. that's definitely going to be an issue here among neighbors and parents. they want to know maybe why speed bumps were not put in here. let's go to video taken earlier. family members are grieving this death of ailleen quiroz. she was killed by an suv on bluefield drive at 3:30 yesterday afternoon. the little girl walking with
her aunt and 2-year-old sister to pick up and older sibling who attends parkview when the accident happened. the male driver of the suv did stop and is cooperating but police say it doesn't appear that drugs or alcohol played a factor. now, people say about the authorities, nothing has been done about the signs. >> we would like to speak to the principal as soon as possible. i will be asking for more traffic enforcement to be conducted in this specific neighborhood now that this has occurred. >> reporter: now, the speed limit on blue field drive is 25 miles an hour. it's unknown how fast that driver was traveling when ailleen was hit. her aunt and sister also suffered injuries and are being treated at the hospital. now, back out here live, we just had somebody drop off flowers here at the memorial that you are looking at right now. there's a -- it looks like a
gentleman with a little girl that just walked away and did that. , again, a lot of sadness consuming this neighborhood. we'll have much more on "mornings on 2" to hear what neighbors have to say that they want done. a lot of questions swirling around. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, janine. 7:33. the brother of 8-year-old leila fowler is scheduled to be arraigned in court today in connection with his sister's death. the calaveras district attorney filed second-degree murder against the 12-year-old boy yesterday. right now the boy is being held at a juvenile facility in neighboring el dorado county. the lawyers say they will ask the judge to allow him to return back home. as far as whether or not the boy can stay with his family during the proceedings, we're going to ask for that and urge that. >> because of the boy's age all
court proceedings will be held behind closed doors. we've obtained a recording of the 911 call made by leila's steppe mother. >> 911? >> my children are home alone and my man just ran out and my older son was in the bathroom. >> the man is gone? >> yes. >> how old are your kids? >> 12 or and 9 -- 12 and 9. >> so you had a break-in. >> yes. >> did they see them. >> yes. >> she was unaware that leila was hurt at the time. leila's brother originally told authorities that an intruder stabbed his little sister. we're still following a story we first told you about at 4:30 from the lockheed martin campus.
sprinklers set off a fire alarm. tara moriarty is there and just talked to a he arive from lock -- talked to a representative from lockheed martin. tara? >> reporter: the damage was so minimal, they say, the employees can come back to work. but the ones in the immediate vince sinty of the fire, they will have to relocate for the next few days. the sprinkler system went off alerting firefighters. flames broke out in the middle of the office building. luckily no one was -- no one was inside at the time. the department is calling this a two-alarm fire because of the size of the campus. it was very challenging for the cross -- for the crews to push through flames and get to it. >> there are certain buildings that carry hazardous material that would have a greater risk for us. but this was office space so we did not have those concerns here today. >> reporter: fire crews say a
preliminary indication investigates this fire was electrical. lockheed martin is one of the world's largest defense contractors for aerospace technology. officials say most of the damage was from smoke and water. they are working on mopping this up and restoring the electricity. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:35. a san francisco restaurant owner is facing charges of battery after reportedly slapping a restaurant inspect sherr -- inspector. last friday, an environmental health inspector said he was headed to another business when he -- when he said he saw a violation at this restaurant. he said he tried to tell the owner about the violation but he says the owner became abusive and slapped him. caps will be holding a meet -- caps will be holding a meet
-- caltrans will be holding a meeting about the bay bridge span. they want to know why caltrans used steel rods that have been banned on other bridges because of the risk of cracking. caltrans is still working on the schedule to fix that bolt problem. one of the project managers said there's still a chance it could open this year. 7:30 -- 7:34, almost. sal, what's going on on northbound 280? >> this is 280 just crossing underneath mission street here. and there's a crash just a little bit ahead. 280 has been slow. i've been following this driver as far back as daily city. it's been a dicey drive on 280 approaching the alemany exit. a little stop and go there. fish yourself plenty of ex--
give yourself plenty of extra time. the bay bridge is backed up for a 25 to 30-minute delay. we had an earlier crash on interstate 580 westbound. that's why traffic is backed up farther than it normally is in oakland. if you are getting on there, you will notice 580 is a mess pup to the -- coming up to the lake -- coming up to the lakeshore curve. >> you can see highway 17 is kind of a mess. it's not an injury crash. slow traffic, 101 is slow from about hellyer all the way up into sunnyvale. a lot of activity today in the valley. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. a very good morning. a very, very cool morning. higher clouds in the north bay. patchy low clouds up around 2500 feet. still mostly sunny, though. maybe some partly cloudies here in the morning. mostly sunny, a system, a cold front actually coming in to visit tomorrow. i don't think it will do much. it will give us cool temperatures and a lot of clouds and drizzle. but the main message will be much, much cooler. we already started that
yesterday. we'll continue this today. kentfield down to 73. santa rosa -- the forecasted high said it was 85. i said that's only if a north wind kicks in. if it doesn't, it will get to 78. at 4:30, they hit a north wind and they hit 89. that won't be the case today. probably about 68 in livermore tomorrow and san jose, 77 yesterday. we'll go 74. mostly sunny, a few partly cloudies, cooler and windier. there's been a good sea breeze already in place. a lot of high clouds in advance of a system on its way. but the lows. there were a couple of upper 30s. a lot of low 40s. 40s to 50s. we're starting to bounce off the morning lows. it was a chilly morning even on the coast with some upper 40s.
west wind oakland. west wind sfo. delta breeze has been pretty good this morning. travis had gusts to 30 miles an hour. not that strong but it's still pretty breezy. 10 degrees cooler on the desert. palm springs at this time -- at 11:00 they were 81. today they are 78. there's lot of low clouds and cool temperatures in southern california. the system is on the way. it's giving us some high clouds and its kind of enhancing that fog bank. breezy to windy. a couple of low 80s but generally sents. it will be -- 70s. it will be down for some. mostly cloudy, could be light rain to the north. i think drizzle for us. a very cool pattern into saturday. it will be sunny and warmer as we head towards sunday, tori? >> all right, thank you, steve. one of the largest lottery jackpots in history will be up
for grabs tonight. the changes that will be made so the jackpots can happen more often.
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stocks down in early trading on the news that france has slipped into recession and the economic condition is stretching into the 6th quarter in a row. but confidence on home builders improved. after reefing new highs, the dow is still down at 8. the nasdaq, though, is up 2. and s&p is down nearly 1%. and i'm just checking it right now, apple's stock is down 1.89%, selling at$435.45.
apple shares dropped nearly 2.5% in trading yesterday. after a nashville tech analyst suggested the price of the stock should be somewhere around $240. apple ceo's tim cook's time is apparently worth did the 610,000 an hour. that's what one anonymous bidder was willing to pay to have coffee and talk with him. there were 86 bids. the original estimated value for the meeting was just $50,000. time now, 7:44. we get to hear from pam cook because tonight one of the biggest lottery jackpots in history is up for grabs. pam cook is in the studio now about the excitement building over the lottery pot. >> yes, it is. do you have your ticket? i don't have mine. but the powerball started to sell in california last month. it's now $360 million. that's the third largest
powerball jackpot ever, the 7th largest among all lotteries. we're in hayward talking to some people hoping to strike it rich and talking about what it 0 would -- what it would be like. >> i would be so happy. >> a homeless shelter. >> yeah. i would probably remodel my home and open a homeless shelter. >> only takes one to win. he bought his one ticket. it costs more this year. the ticket is $2 instead of $1. that's one of the reasons the jackpot is higher. coming up, the special doughnut shot in hayward where we are pear camped out and -- where we're camped out. we continue our coverage of a triple-murder suspect keeping a small humboldt
law enforcement monitoring around the clock. only two roads in and out of petrolia. they are checking cabins and watching the roads looking for main schiller accused of killing his wife and two young daughters. he abandoned his pickup truck along the mitole river in patrollial. >> it's very stressful. >> police are looking for cadaver dogs to look for miller in case he committed suicides. there's no indications that he killed himself. a command post has been set up at a volunteer fairfax. o.j. simpson will try to win his freedom by testifying this morning. he hopes to get his robbery, assault and kidnapping
convictions thrown out. he's been serving time for the robbery of two memorabilia dealers at a hotel room back in 2007. he says that bad legal advice led to his conviction. those accused of kye verting -- diverting $a,000 -- $15,000 in grant money are expected to turn themselves in. george gascon says over a ten- year period, the suspects were putting the money into a slush fund. he says $250,000 of that money wound up directly in the hands of the defendants. >> we are people in a position of trust that were taking money who were diverting this money and often using this money for personal use. this is one of the worse kinds of corruptions. >> one of the accused, trish bascom. the teachers of the school district say if the charges are
true, that money could be used to save jobs. serious questions being raised about a -- about the charity lox of love. loves of love. locks of love can't account for a certain some money -- for some money. and locks of love does not catalogue or track the donations it receives. >> it's disappointing. for people it's meaning a lot. >> well, locks of love released a statement saying they to not have any missing funds. some of the local hair dressers say until all of this is settled, they will be sending their hair donations to other hair charities its.
charity -- charities. boeing is delivering dreamliners again. it had to stop because of the battery problem that grounded the 787s already in service. it's the first time in four months boeing has been able to make money from its dreamliner program. and u.s. airlines concerned $3.5 billion in baggage fees last year. delta took in $866 million which was the most of any airline. most airlines began to charge to check bags five years ago to deal with rising fuel costs. southwest airlines still does not charge passengers for their
first two checked bags. 7:49. a very serious warning in the south bay. the issue involves a dead animal and why health officials are on alert. a lot of people i think are out here having a beer or two. >> and soon, a beer or two might land you -- might land you in jail. the new push to lower the limit for duis. crash dating! three dates in one week! i had to get a designer dress! shop like a fashionista. and i did fall in love... save like a maxxinista. with my new dress.
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a warning in santa clara county about bats with rabies. last week, a hiker on los gatos creek trail saw one and a couple of weeks later, health officials confirmed the bat did have rabies. the county has posted signs along the trail warning people of the potential danger. >> for me i was kind of more mindful at home and at night. i do have a dog and i want to make sure she's safe.
>> health officials warn if you see a sick or dead bat, whatever you do don't touch it, call animal control immediately. a federal agency wants states to lower to consider lowering the limit for drunk driving. the idea, making the legal limit .05 instead of .08. the deaths were 10,000 a year in the u.s. >> we think it's a critical piece to the conversation that our community has to have on how do we stop drunk driving -- drunk drivers. >> she feels ignition locks might be more effective and more checkpoints. there are three rides in bi
richmond, cycles will gather at -- sal, how is the south bay holding up? >> it's a little bit slow. we have slow traffic on 280. let's start off with 280 northbound getting up to highway 17. the traffics to slow town coming around that curve. it gets a little bit better by the time you reach highway 17. 17 was slow in los gatos because of an earlier crash. 580 out the livermore valley is slow. 880 hayward between 238 and mowry, it's about a half-hour which is a little longer than it normally takes. traffic is not affected by crashes. on the san mateo bridge, traffic is slow. been toll plaza we have a --
bay bridge toll plaza, we have a back up. no problems reported on the bridge. swee have a cooler a -- we have a cooler pattern in place. we're starting to bounce off some of the morning lows. a few high clouds, some patchy low clouds. a partly sunny, partly cloudy morning. it will still be mostly sunny. the system tomorrow will send temperatures down. 50s on -- i mean, really cool, we had low 50s, upper 40s all the way to the north bay and temperatures are really brisk for this time of year. decent system coming in. i think it will be more clouds, show and go. but cooler and breezier. there will be drizzle tonight and tomorrow morning. i think any rain stays tort north -- stays to the north. cooling areas inland. a couple of low, low 80s. 60s closer to the bay. along the coast, it
breezy. coasy landthere will not be that much of a spread. a little rebound saturday. a little bit more on sunday. all right. an orie again man sets out and a 10,000 -- oregon man sets out and a 10,000-mile trek to promote a company. the accident that brought it to a tragic end. >> reporter: we're live in redwood city where an early- morning apartment fire occurred. and new information on the search for a missing 9-year-old girl. i just got off the phone with clearlake police. we'll have more on what is happening now and the difficulties crews are facing today. [ female announcer ] the one for all.
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welcome back. firefighters are busy in redwood city. they are gonna be an an apartment fire throughout this morning. the fire near fair oaks elementary started in a car port. then it spread to the apartments. brian flores is there and he says the firefighters got everything under control just a little while ago. >> reporter: good morning. firefighters got this under control a little while ago. take a look at the damage. this happened here around 5:15
on the 600 block of oak side avenue. take a look at the damage. you see the damage on the bottom floor. that's where the fire started and quickly spread to the upstairs residents' area where at least 20 people are displaced. you can see the huge flames. still unclear how this fire started but you see the large flames there. redwood city fire along with several other fire agencies aggressively attacked this fire from the ground and also from ladder trucks as well. firefighters also say there are at least two injuries from this apartment fire. one was treated for minor burns. the other was treated for muscle pain. both were treated at the scene. we understand several people are displaced. take a listen to the deputy fire chief as he described some of the challenges they face in battling this fire. >> the amount of fire when they first got here, the early- morning hours also has a delay
in reportal fire and the fact -- there was so much fire when the first engine got here, it got into the attic, that makes it difficult for us to fight the fire. we had to pull the cries out of the building and go to -- crews out of the building and go into defensive mode. >> reporter: it's still unclear how this fire started but fire crews will be here making sure there are not any hot spots, but the good news, they declared that this fire is pretty much under control. as for the areas around this apartment, oakside avenue as well as fair oaks, pretty limited access in terms of cars. we're not clear whether the elementary school is open or not but i did speak to a red cross person who was here on scene. she tells me at least 0 people are displaced from the fire -- 20 people are displaced from the fire. some of those people are children. they are trying to figure out a place for them to stay. as we take it back out here live. you look at the damage from this fire. 20 people living in this
apartment complex. five to seven-unit apartment complex. quite frankly, they are just lucky to be alive if the access down was from the stair. a lot of heavy damage here. fire crews from redwood city, san carlos, san mateo, foster city and woodside were all here battling this fire this morning. we'll bring you another update coming up around 8:40 or so. we're live in readwood city, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:00. new information now about the search for mikaela lynch, the 9- year-old autistic girl from san francisco who disappeared in clearlake on mother's day. another large scale search with police and volunteers is getting underway. ktvu's claudine wong reports now from the from the newsroom. >> they are calling this search difficult. as we head into a third full
day of searching, they say every minute counts. they are assessing the situation hour by hour, hoping to find mikaela soon. also we want to show you this new home video that we got overnight of the 9-year-old from san francisco. again, this is to try to give people a better understanding of the girl. in this video, you can hear her laughing. she uses that hand signal. that means she wants to play. police say she wandered away from her home in clearlake. the search has been underway since then. people have been coming in from outside of the area, outside agencies have sent in resources. >> they are built out over the lake and you have to get out under the houses and so on. there's crawlspaces under there. it's extremely difficult. >> you have a lot of volunteers, right? this has been consistent, a high number that's been consistent? >> oh, yeah, well over 100 out there. it's difficult, it's hot weather.
it's very difficult for them. >> we also have these new pictures to show you of mikaela doing various things, laughing, sometimes in special olympics when she did track and field. her friends and teachers say she has a lot of endurance. she's strong and they believe that will help make it through this ordeal. >> we also want everyone to know that mikaela is very strong and is active and she has a lot of endurance. she needs us to stay strong and to keep searching and we really need people to keep coming out and to keep looking and go back over places that you've already been because she's quite possibly still moving around. >> okay. what's happening right now? well, crews are checking in for the day. about 100 people expected to join in. they are tackling that difficult terrain. but the police say the responses have been overwhelming. a lot of people coming in. sergeant benefit says his department alone has gotten 2800 calls from people wanting to help. the best thing he says to do, keep their eyes open.
also on the mikaela facebook page that they started for her within the last hour, they are posting, we still need your help. everyone hoping the more people out there, the better, hoping to bring mikaela home soon. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. all right. 8:03. a seattle man's effort to help a bay area soccer charity ended tragically. 42-year-old richard swanson planned to dribble a soccer ball from seattle to brazil for next year's world cup. but his journey ended yesterday in oregon. he was hit and killed by a pickup truck as he walked along highway 1. he was promoting the berkeley-based one world football project, which donates soccer balls to people in developing countries. organizers of the america's cup yacht race say the race will go on this summer. they vow to do everything possible to make sure the race is safe. a committee will investigate last week's deadly accident in
the san frsco baand of safety recommendations shortly before the start of the yacht race in july. it is 8:04. a man's body has been pulled from the san rafael canal. somebody called police after spotting the body yesterday morning. the marin independent journal reports there were no obvious signs of foul play. police are trying to contact the man's family. a 16-year-old boy in san jose is recovering this morning after a stabbing on a school bus. police say the boy was stabbed yesterday afternoon by another 16-year-old boy. according to police, the bus driver helped detain everyone involved until more help arrived. the student who was stabbed is from independence high school. he was not seriously wounded. in san jose, a bush fire damaged six vehicles in a santana row parking lot. the fire crews responded to
calls shortly after 11:00 a.m. yesterday. a worker from the san jose water company was set to use a blow torch on pipes and accidentally caught nearby bushes on fire. six vehicles were damaged before the flames were under control. no one was hurt. 8:05. there is a w necourt order in the ride sharing companies insurance policies. the court order is tied to the debate on whether the ride share companies have to follow the same rules that governor traditional taxis. we want to check in with sal. see what's happening on the roads. that's right. good morning. we're looking all of the roads. we've had slow traffic in many spots. let's go to highway 24 in orinda coming up on the orinda cross roads here. you can see traffic is flowing
along okay in all of the lanes. i've been watching this driver. there have been a couple of slowdowns. but approaching -- approaching the tunnel is not all that bad. it's been nice and quiet on westbound 24. just as he comes down the hill, you can see up ahead, the traffic is just moderately heavy. he went to black. there you go. in television. that's got nod. southbound 880 -- that's not good. southbound 880, slow traffic between 238 and mowry avenue. it's up to about 30 minutes now. the traffic is kind of normal for that commute. there's nothing out of the ordinary. it stays slow down to milpitas. if you are driving this morning or taking caltrain, we have earlier pictures from newschopper2 of the caltrain fatality. still major delays because of an earlier fatal incident near the station. the trains are moving again but with major delays. 8:07. let's go to steve.
>> thank you. mostly cloudy, a little cloud deck and higher clouds. a system is coming in tomorrow. we'll see drizzle -- drizzle. could be light rain. we'll see. haven't had much rain. today we're getting a few high clouds in advance of that very cool air mass in place this morning. very gusty winds. in fact, in san francisco, 37 to -- 37 to 42 miles an hour. things have calmed down a bit for some. 50s on the temperatures. we actually had some low 40s. i have a confirmation, 40s in santa cruz, capitola and some really cool readings. if you thought it was brisk, it was. there's a westerly breeze in place. it's up to 40 plus miles an hour at mt. diablo out of the northwest and about 25 to 30. most locations have a westerly breeze or a few that are kind
of slowing -- showing southeasterly. san jose and southeasterly being one. 49 tahoe. they were 37 this morning. temperatures have even cooled off down in the desert. i mean, yesterday they were 89. i think at this time in palm springs. our system is here. it's taking aim at us with a lot cloud cover. possibility of rain exists out of the system. that wouldn't be until tomorrow. i know we'll get the drizzle, clouds and cooler conditions. you can see a few clouds moving in. mostly sunny, partly sunny for a few. windy at times. the cooling, though, continues. 60s, 70s. very, very few low 80s. we'll say good boy to these 80s probably all the way until sunday. mostly cloudy tomorrow. it looks like a cool day. all the way into friday. saturday looks better but the morning will be very brisk and sunday will be warm. >> thank you, steve. 8:09. a massive evacuation is underway inmyian mar ahead of a
-- in myanmar ahead of a cyclone. that cyclone is expected to make landfill by friday. most orders have been focused on tent cities where about 140,000 people live. but many people are refusing to leave because their distrust in the government. the big day has finally arrived for the pro basketball owners deciding the fate of the sacramento kings. the nba board is meeting in dallas to decide if the kings should remain in sacramento or move to seat. the nba's relocation committee has voted against the seattle move and that will likely be influential to the entire board of directors. no one is ruling out the chances after an investment group increased a bid with a now record-breaking $625 million price tag for the nba franchise. a former swim coach in marin county is accused of sexting with a girl on his swim
team. james ward was in court yesterday. he's accused of sending lewd text messages and photos to a 17-year-old girl while she was on his team in marinwood. the sheriff's department started an investigation in march. the moraga school district is settling ace ual abuse lawsuit filed by a -- sexual abuse lawsuit filed. kristin will get $2.8 million. she sued the -- she sued the district and claims she was abused while a-- while attending joaquin moraga. lawsuits filed by three other women are pending. a. a young girl spend 17 days buried in that collapsed building in bangladesh. >> there was a hole.
there was water. i didn't know if it was dirty water. i drank it. i was thirsty. we'll talk about yahoo!'s youth movement how the silicon valley is trying to become cool again. crystal geyser is always
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a little cooler pattern today. a lot of 60s and 70s. 8:14. today is the deadline for clothing retailers worldwide to decide if they are gonna join
an international group that wants to improve the working conditions for garment workers. walmart will not be part of the coalition. walmart says it's increasing inspections at the factories that makes its clothing. gap also said it would not join the group unless changes were made to the agreement made out by several european retailers. new this morning we're hearing from a woman who was trapped for 17 days under a collapsed garment factory in bangladesh. a 19-year-old seamstress. she worked at the factory. after that collapse on april 24th, she was trapped in the dark under all of that rubble. she survived by drinking dirty water and eating bis quits. she was able to find. she heard nothing and saw nothing until that 17th day. >> suddenly i heard the call to prayer and then i heard sounds. i heard the sounds of voices and i wondered where is the
sound coming from. she has no plans on going back to the factory. she's not sure what she will do next. 8:15. congress gets its chance to question attorney general eric holder in two hours. he ordered an investigation into the irs after the agency targeted conservative groups. as kyla campbell reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom, senators are already focusing on some questions this morning. kyla? >> reporter: senators got back to work this past hour. they wasted no time going after the irs. >> it seems like with each passing hour, the facts get more and more inconvenient for folks at the irs. >> reporter: the irs admitted last friday that low-levels -- employees in the cincinnati
branch, it shows higherups knew about the extra scrutiny and never put a stop to it. congress says the acting commissioner lied to them about this last year. lawmakers want to know if anyone outside the irs, particularly in the obama administration told the irs to target tea party groups. attorney general eric holder ordered the fbi to investigate the controversial irs misstep. >> i think everyone can agree, those were criminal, if not -- if not criminal, they were outrageous. >> reporter: the meeting happens in about two two hours. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. two sex scandals have rocked the u.s. army. later today, a u.s. army general will face sexual assault charges.
he's due back in court. and a soldier in texas in charge of preventing sexual assault in fort hood, texas is under investigation for sexual misconduct. the pentagon is investigating allegations that the sergeant forced one subordinate into prostitution and sexually assaulted two others at the army base in texas. there may soon be several other charges. we have new details on the sky scandal in russia. the u.s. ambassador to russia was summoned to a meeting today over the claims he captured a cia agent posing as a diplomat. this is new video of the ambassador today. he came out 30 minutes later. never said a word to reporters waiting outside. the man is identified as ryan fogel. he's been ordered to leave the country immediately. he was caught, they say, disguised trying to recruit a
russian security officer as a spy. a new lawyer for the widow of boston bombing suspect tamerlan tsarnaev says his client will continue to cooperate. last week, joshua doppler radarle joined katherine russell's dradle joined katherine russell's questions. according to an unnamed source, boston's fire chief is receiving a vote of no confidence. 14 signed an order saying they do not think he's fit for doing his job. today marks one month since the attack. the social network linked- in is banning profiles who people work in the world's oldest profession. they are updating the policy and their user agreement.
it now explicitly forbids escort services or prostitution, even if it's legal where that person lives. yahoo!'s chief financial officer says yahoo! wants to make the company cool again. he also said the company needs to be more aggressive in its advertising and get away from the things it used to do so it is planning to get involved in sports activities and do more billboard advertising. 8:20. the new procedure up ahead for angelina jolie following her double mastectomy. also the focus on similar preventive measures for other women. we're looking outside the weather at your window. it will be sunny, cool, breezy. meteorologist steve paulson is coming back. he will tell you what you can expect later today. good morning. northbound 280 traffic looks good. but we have problems on 101. we'll tell you more about that straight ahead.
happening right now, president obama speaking at a memorial service for law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty last year. let's listen in. >> helping others was never a question. before joining the force, she counselled abused children and helped families struggling with domestic abuse. that passion served her and led her to a career in law
enforcement and inspired her two sons to follow. sowhen barb investigating a suspicious vehicle last spring. not only did her husband steve lose his partner of more than two years. the town of melbourne and the nation itself lost one of its most dedicated citizens. >> listening live to president obama this very special memorial service in washington, d.c. honoring law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty and one of those being honored is bay area police officer kenyan youngstrum. he was a chp officer shot and killed last september during a traffic stop on 6le 0 -- 680 in alamo. we'll have more details on this memorial later on. 8:24. angelina jolie's double mastectomy is putting the spotlight on similar preventive measures for other women. the actress made the decision to remove her breasts after finding out she carries a gene
that gives her an 87% chance of getting breast cancer. the testing for the gene costs anywhere from hundreds of thousands of dollars and insurance policies vary in covering the cost. two motorcycle crashes,
northbound 101, one at fair oaks and one at ellis. 101 is a mess. avoid it. let's take a look at live pictures. this is a look at -- look at 880. it's slow. we've had a 30-minute plus delay. things have improved. let's go to steve. some low clouds around. a few high clouds. but mostly sunny, cooler breezy. it was downright windy for some last night and even some continuing today. things have calmed down a little bit there's still a pretty good breeze in place. still on the cool side. no 60s. antioch is 59. saw a lot of 40s even low 50s along the coast. the system coming in tomorrow will give us cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. windy at times. cooling continues. not only today but all the way into friday. temperatures today, a couple of low 80s. but a lot of 70s in locations
that were 10, 15 degrees warmer. cloudy on friday. a little better for the weekend. the 12-year-old boy accused of killing his little sister, what's happening in just a couple of hours in that horrifying case in calaveras county. we're live in sunnyvale where lockheed martin employees are headed back to work after an early-morning fire. we'll tell you what made the fire so challenging for crews. >> reporter: we're live in san jose at a growing memorial, the spot where a 6-year-old girl was killed by a moving vehicle here. we'll tell you and show you what's being done now in light of this accident. [ male announcer ] we gave the new e-class
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welcome back. 8:29. it will be business as usual today on the look heed martin campus in sunnyvale. fire alarms went off at 3:00 in the morning set off by sprinklers on lockheed martin way. ktvu's tara moriarty is out there now. the employees are showing up, right, tara? >> that's right. it will be work as usual except for the handful of employees whose whose apartment was near the fire. the area was small. it all happened around 3:00 this morning. the flames broke out in a cubicle. luckily, no one was inside. the department called this out as a two-alarm fire because the campus is sprawling, 100 acres. they had to use maps to pinpoint flames and had to push
through smoke to get to the fire. >> it took a while because of the building being a large- sized building. it was toward the center of the building. but when we got to it, we were able to extinguish it rapidly. fire crews say a preliminary investigation indicates this fire was electrical. lockheed martin is, of course, one of the world's largest defense contractors for aerospace technology. officials say most of the damage was from smoke and water from the sprinklers. they are working on mopping that up and restoring electricity. live from sunnyvale, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. we have breaking news in vallejo right now. ktvu has learned there's police activity now at kaiser hospital. newschopper2 is headed there as we speak. now, we have made calls into the vallejo police and to kaiser. we haven't heard back from them yet. we'll bring you the information that we get as soon as we get
it in. in about three hours, in calaveras county, the 12-year- old brother of 8-year-old leila fowler is scheduled to be arraigned in court. it's in connection with his sister's death. the calaveras county district attorney filed second-degree murder charges against the 12- year-old yesterday. right now, the little boy is being held at a juvenile facility in neighboring el dorado county. but his lawyers say they will ask the judge to let him to return home. >> as far as whether the boy can stay with his family during the proceedings we're certainly going to urge and ask that. >> because he's 12, all of the proceedings will be behind closed doors. leila's brother told the police that an intruder stabbed his sister. 8:32. grief counselors are at two san jose schools this morning after a little girl was killed in a tragic accident. an suv hit her while she was crossing a street outside parkview elementary sc
vu's je the school where she spoke -- just spoke with the victim's family. good morning, janine. >> reporter: good morning, tori. the family is completely devastated. they describe ailleen quiroz as happy, loved to play soccer. so much, she used to sleep with her soccer shoes on. you can see the memorial growing here for this little girl. this is exactly the crosswalk near the school. it's unknown if she was crossing in the crosswalk yesterday. the school has their yard duty people out here doing traffic control, helping people cross the street. you can bet this is on the minds of parents as they drop their kids off to school. now, let's go to a picture that we just got from the family of 6-year-old ailleen quiroz. this was her preschool graduation photo. she was about to enter kindergarten. police say an suv on bluefield drive crashed into her, her
aunt and 2-year-old sister while they were on her way to pick up her older sister. the aunt and ailleen's sister were injured. we're told the aunt's injuries were more seriously. she suffered broken ribs and we are told she doesn't know about her niece's death. people in the neighborhood are grieving alongside the family. >> today is a sad day for the family for them, that we want to appreciate that they are going to jesus, to heaven. >> reporter: police say that they do not believe at this point that drugs or alcohol played a factor in this accident. they are investigating whether or not speed was a factor. neighbors that we spoke to say that speed is definitely an issue here. they say that cars travel more than 25 miles an hour which is the posted speed limit. of course, this morning here you can see back out here live that there are yard duty people who are acting as crossing guards because from what we
have heard, the school does not have crossing guards. city councilmen that we spoke to earlier this morning, says he never heard back from the principal when he reached out to them several months ago asking if the school was concerned about any safety issues. so we will have much more on this story on our later newscast. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:34. now the fbi is joining the investigation into the death of a kern county man who died in police custody earlier this month. grainy, very dark surveillance video allegedly shows sheriff's deputies beating 33-year-old david sila on the street in east bakersfield. silva's family claims deputies detained two witnesses and only let them go after they handed over their cell phone with videos of what happened. there are now claims of a cover upup. the sheriff says it's too early to make conclusions. they say investigators need to go through all of the evidence in the case. want to check in with sal.
see what's happening on the roads. >> it's been slow in san jose. it's terrible to use 101 this morning. it's been slow. two crashes, one in sunnyvale, one in mountain view. 280 people are bailing on 101 and using 280. that's slow. 85 is slow. what happen, one major freeway goes down, the other gets busy. let's move along and take a look at the san mateo bridge. that traffic is moderately heavy. this morning's commute is okay at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's become light. let's go to steve. all right, sal. thank you. big morning. big changes brewing. it will be cooler today and much cooler thursday into friday. one of our ten-day model outlooks, it would include the early part of the memorial day weekend. it shows way-below averages and snow in the sierra. january and february -- you
heard me -- january and february -- it would make sense to me. it's just wacky. and twitter is just beautiful for weather information if you don't follow social media. i'm going on. bear with me. i think april is the fourth coolest and the snow cover was the fifth highest in the country. the severe season has been nonexistent. it's been so cool. there are record highs on tuesday. temperatures went up as much as of 0 -- as 60 degrees. i mean, things are just wacky. back here, we do have a cooler pattern. yesterday, kentfield, 76. we'll go 73. santa rosa hit 89. i talked about this yesterday. the forecast high was 85. if they don't get the north wind, they will never see it. it only lasted for been a -- for an hour and a half. livermore, 75. san jose a cool 74. windy at times, seeing gusts 23 at sfo, 26 concord. 23 miles an hour at travis and 42 at ocean beach last night. also 37 in parts of the city.
big cooldown for us, started a little bit yesterday. it's a lot a bit and it will plunge tomorrow. a few high clouds. 50s on the temperatures. there was an upper 30. i saw one sent to me by a friend of mine. 38 in graden. really brisk. had a lot of upper 40s. this system is on the way -- this system is on its way. maybe some rain out of that. i think it's to the north. windy at times. mostly sunny, cooling continues with 60s, 70s or very low 80s. but even antioch out to discovery bay, clearlake, you can say goodbye to the 80s tomorrow. thursday, friday, saturday look very cool. it will be warmer, though, on sunday. 8:38. san mateo county officials say 65 ballots from the november election were put into a covered container in a vault and forgotten.
the 65 uncounted provisional ballots from the november election were found last month in a violent at the elections department. officials say they were inside a covered bin and they couldn't be seen. an investigation into the missing ballots points to human error as the cause. now, of the 65 ballots only 35 were from eligible voters and they would not have affected the election results. 8:38. more negotiations are planned today for concession workers at at&t park and the south carolina company that employs them. it's the first negotiating session since workers overwhelmingly you thor iced a strike last week -- authorized a strike last week. workers say there are no plans for a strike right now. they add they've not had a raise in several years. in the meantime, the company says the at&t workers earn as much as $20 an hour making them among the highest paid -- paid in their industry. well, it was a rough night for both bay area teams in their playoffs. the warriors were steam rolled
by the spurs. 109-91. steph curry, still feeling the effects of the sprained level ankle only scored 9 points. he said he was a step slow. the spurs lead the best of 7, 3- 2. so the warriors must win game 6. that will be tomorrow night at oracle arena or they will be eliminated. the sharks went down to defeat, 2-0, to the los angeles kings. it was the sharks' first loss in the playoffs. although the sharks outshot the kings, they could never score. the kings lead the series 1 -- 1-0. the game tomorrow night is los angeles. and the series comes up to san jose on saturday and then the as and the giants lost. >> yeah. >> it's kind of a bummer for local sports fans. >> we wish them well. >> uh-huh. a rare budget surplus here in california. what the governor says he will not do with that extra cash.
one of the largest lottery jackpots is up for grabs. how the jackpot has led to an intriguing offer from a hayward doughnut shop. >> reporter: we're live in redwood city where two people were injured after an early- morning apartment fire. we'll tell you the challenges firefighters face this morning on "mornings on 2." hey, look! a shooting star!
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a report of slowing manufacturing in the northeast is getting the stock -- was getting the stock market off to a weak start. traders were dispinted about the country of france weeing in a recession. there's -- weeing in a recession. being in a recession. the dow building on the record highs that were set yesterday. right now it's turned around in positive territory up 33. the nasdaq is up 9. s&p up 5. a lot of high-level technology is on display today at san francisco's moscone center. that's where google's annual developer conference officially begins. the company uses the three-day io event to introduce its next big thing. this year there are reports that google may unveil a new streaming music service to compete with spotify. last year it introduces the tablets and google glass.
and google's ceo larry page, is finally opening up about why he's been yab sent from -- absent from events. he battled a cold 14 years ago, paralyzing his left vocal cord. the problem got worse after another cold last summer and now his right vocal cord is severely restricted. he says he can still handle all of his duties but his voice is soft and raspy. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for you right now. about 45 minutes ago, an expanded search for a missing 9- year-old autistic girl, mikaela lynch, resumed in clearlake. she disappeared over the weekend during a family trip. about 100 law enforcement officers and volunteers are out there searching for her right now. they have received more than 2800 calls from people who want
to help. major delays for caltrain this morning. a pedestrian was hit and killed by a train in san bruno. now, investigators got to the seen about 6:00 this morning. single track trains were moving within 45 minutes. both of those tracks have now been reopened. and a big fire in redwood city earlier this morning engulfed several apartments more than a dozen people are displaced. all of this happened as families were taking little kids to an elementary school right across the street. ktvu's brian flores was the first reporter there and now things are at least under control, right, brian? >> reporter: that's right, dave. that's the silver lining in this whole thing. that's the good news, that this fire is under control. the bad news at least 20 people from what we uerstand are without a place to stay. take a look at the damage for yourself. we're at a house nearby the apartment complex. the family has been gracious fluff to give us access to the backyard so we can see the firsthand damage to ed
in the carport. you can also see the damage upstairs where the residents were staying. take a look at another view of how huge the flames were. this is from chopper 2 from after 5:00. you can see the flames billowing up to the top there. redwood city fire got the call at 5:15 and then crews arrived four minutes later. when they arrived, several people were standing outside. one of those people was james ritana who lives at the house nearby. >> the orange kind of reflecting through my -- my bedroom window and then, of course, i started hearing just like explosions and ran out and i just saw a bunch of smoke and fire everywhere. >> reporter: investigators are here trying to figure out the cause but at this point, they say it started near the rear of the complex and spread to the attic. this is a five to seven-unit complex according to firefighters and they had challenges. >> the amount of fire, the
early-morning fires always has delays in reporting. there was so much fire that it got into the attic, which makes it difficult for us to fight the fire. we had to quickly pull the crews out of the building and go into defensive mode and operate from outside of the building. >> reporter: there's a heavy response this morning as well. crews from redwood city, woodside, san carlos, san mateo, foster city, menlo park, to name a few. at least 11 fire engines and three ladder trucks were here as well, battling the fire for close to two hours. access to the streets around fair oaks elementary is limited. we spoke to the red cross who said 20 people are displaced as well. they are using fair oaks elementary until a makeshift shelter until they find a more stable place to live this morning. the deputy fire says there's a structural engineer here. and there's a little bit of structural damage from the apartment complex. we're live in redwood city,
brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:48. well, do you have your ticket? pam cook has the record- breaking jackpot that's up for grabs tonight. pam, my husband is in charge of getting my ticket. >> so is mi the powerball jackpot is now $360 million. now, part of the reason the prize is bigger because the odds of winning something have been incitessed. last saturday, for example, there was no powerball jackpot winner -- -- winner but more than a dozen tickets one $1 million in ten states. california just started last month and we're in hayward where the excitement is building along with the jackpot, even the storeowners where the tickets are sold are excited. >> if somebody hit the jackpot here, the winners will get a lifetime supply of doughnuts. >> reporter: the store that sold the winning ticket receives a percentage of the
jackpot. the store will receive up to a million dollars if it sells the winning ticket. maybe she buy doughnutwinn jackt is bigger, the powerball tickets have doubled in price from $1 to $2. we have a conversation going on on my facebook page, what's the first thing you would do if you won. my favorite comment? someone says they would hire a band to play "take this job and shove it." [laughter] >> wow. that is creative. if you win the lottery, here's something else you can afford to buy. check it out. christie's actionhouse is auctioning of a diamond that's nearly $102 care carats. the -- 102 carats. it was cut down.
the diamond is expected to fetch $30 million. the city of santa rosa working with a frozen foods producer to cut their water costses -- costs. amy's kitchen wanted to expand to add local jobs to the economy. they asked about fees. the city told amy's kitchen said their water fees would jump by $30 million. that's more than ten times the fees. the company says at that rate, they couldn't afford to expand in sonoma county. the ice center in san mateo is scheduled to close at the end of the month. some parents are fighting to keep it open. the risk is in the bridgepoint shopping center. >> the property developer wants to build another retail and restaurants there. he says he will install artificial turf. the rink is used by a skating school and hockey leagues who say they will have to go to stockton or vacaville just to
get some practice ice. >> there are not be any new construction along a business corridor in novato. the city approved a moratorium. the idea is to give the city time to come up with an overall plan for the area. the building ban could be as short as 45 days or as long as two years. defending upon how -- depending upon how quickly the council can decide what's best for the city. if. governor brown says -- brown says california schools should get some cash. he's proposing more money for schools, paying down the state's debt and setting aside $1 billion in a reserve fund. the governor says the extra money is not enough to restore the cuts made in social services in recent years as some democrats had demanded. >> i'm gonna keep this budget balanced as long as i'm around here if i can. there's so many uncertainties
out there in the world, that's why i want to keep more money in reserve than those who have immediate needs. >> the governor's budget proposal goes to the state legislature and lawmakers have until june 15th to come up with a spending plan. >> there's good news on the federal budget. it's projected to come in well low what was predicted. the deficit of $642 this year is predicted. that's more than $200 before its february estimate. analysts attribute cake the -- attribute the change to a slowly recovering economy and taxes. aen waking about bats -- and a warning about bats with rainries. rabies. a little bit of slow traffic this morning. i think people are avoiding 101. we'll tell you why 101 is not a good option for you. ♪
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a lot of police activity near the daly city border. these are live pictures what we're seeing from the scene at capital avenue. now, police say a group of trespassers tried to take over a building. the police are now removing them. we do have a ktvu news crew there. we're checking out what has
been happening out there. we'll have more at noon. there is a warning about rabies and bats in santa clara county. health officials tell us a hiker spotted a bat along the los gatos creek trail last month. a few days later, they confirm the bat was infected with rabies. the county has posted signs along the trail to warn people. officials say if you see a six or dead bat don't touch it but call animal control immediately. >> good advice. we're gonna go to sal to see what's going on in the commute. breaking news. a report of a possible structure express fire at santa moss. we have 101 getting up to -- getting up to the area because -- the area is slow because of a huge crash.
bay bridge toll plaza is light. cooler, breezy to windy. gusts have been up to 45, who miles an hour. mostly cloudy and temperatures really taking a drop. could be some drizzle or light rain. warmer this weekend. but not a lot. cooler pattern here now. >> all right, steve. that's our report for this morning. we thank you for trusting ktvu news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> be sure to watch the news at noon for more on the investigation into this morning's big fire in redwood city. we're always here for you at [ female announcer ] the one for all. mcdonald's dollar menu, home of the meaty, melty mcdouble you love... ♪
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hi, everybody, i am beth troutman. great videos are coming your way "right this minute." race fans are stunned to see a ferrari break into 1,000 little bits. the stunning wreck they all walked away from. a pelican struggles after -- >> it was tangled up in a fishing wire. >> how it was saved in a remarkable stroke of luck. you might consider them russian daredevils but now -- >> they're calling them roofers. >> what's behind the new breed of